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We recently caught up with local legend Jordan Chenery. To learn what inspires him to get out there and literally battle the elements while conquering the extreme terrain of trail running..

What inspired you to become a trail runner and take on such extreme terrain?

The gift of being out in nature amongst the elements is like nothing else. You have to be present, which means you can’t have your phone as a distraction or you will fall over. I enjoy the challenge of doing long distance endurance that tests my mental, physical and emotional ability. 

There’s just something calming about running trails and mountains that I don’t get in my normal day to day life. Even when it is difficult. 

How do you prepare both physically and mentally for an upcoming race?

Book the race. Check the terrain. Practise as much on that style of trail or conditions. Eat lots and focus on taking care of my well-being to be healthy on the start line




Do you have any particular trails or outdoor settings on the Gold Coast to hit that are your favourite?


Binna Burra is one of my all time favourites. So many trail heads of beautiful trails. 

Coomera Circuit out there would be my go to. There’s over 10 waterfalls out there.


How would you encourage others to get out into nature more often ?

 Every single day. Even if it’s 10 mins no matter what.





What are some daily habits you practise to maintain your overall health and well-being ?

 Quality sleep. 

Quality Hydration. 

Quality Movement. 

Quality Wholefoods.
Quality Conversations. 

Quality time in nature daily.

Quality time with family and friends. 





How important is rest and recovery for someone like you, especially post run?


Rest and recovery are just as important as your training to the event. Being able to be disciplined and take days off is a skill. It’s worth getting good at.


For those who don’t know what is the difference between a trail runner and marathon runner?

Trail running depends on the environment, you have runnable trails, technical trails and vertical trails to deal with.
Both are very different. Whilst I enjoy running marathons, I love a scenic marathon course, because it's a great way to explore areas and be in nature.



 What is your favourite Pyra attire for when hitting the trails?


I have the new era bucket which I love. 

My alpine puffer and jacket and shorts are epic post run when it’s cold. I have a few caps that I go through including some of the OG’s. 

Mt Fuji sunglasses are a goto when spending the day out in the sun. 

The NERO range has been great for training runs.




Obviously trail running is not for everyone. What advice or tips would you give to someone who is thinking of giving it a go ?


It can be for everyone ;)
I’d encourage people to just go and be out in nature and find a place to do a short run that is safe. Find an easy trail, start with running and hiking uphill, then make sure you enjoy the view. 




Can you recall a specific outdoor experience that truly inspired you to seek more outdoor adventures and trails?


Some hiking trips through Asia, Europe and America have been huge inspirations. 

Some of my favourite adventures have been in Patagonia, Guatemala, Vietnam, Israel, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Scotland. And of course, Australia and New Zealand. 


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