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Want to be part of our team and play an important role in supporting our brand mission of inspiring movement in the elements? Join us and become a PYRA ambassador today. 

About the Program
The PYRA OUTDOOR ENTHUSIASTS club aims to connect you with like-minded individuals who express a passion for outdoor exploration, purposeful product design, and innate respect for the natural world we call home. As a member, you are encouraged to create inspiring and inclusive outdoor experiences with your friend groups and the local community. As the program grows, you'll be able to develop new skills and contacts as part of our global network of ambassadors, fans, and employees who are all focused on creating a better outdoor experience for everyone they meet.


What to expect
As a member of the PYRA OUTDOOR ENTHUSIASTS CLUB, you'll be part of our team of local heroes. You'll get to try the latest PYRA products and accessories, and receive seasonal gifting to ensure you're kitted out for all your outdoor adventures. You'll also get one-off samples to test for us and have the chance to earn more PYRA gear with our incentive and campaign challenge programs.


The purpose of this program is to motivate you to move in the elements, and whilst doing that, foster a community of likeminded enthusiasts. We encourage you to #explorethelements by representing PYRA and our core values to the best of your ability. You'll use PYRA gear in all your outdoor adventures and share your infectious enthusiasm for the brand with your online and offline community to help us recruit new fellow enthusiasts and fans.
How will you do it?
You will create content for PYRA  with Photos, Videos, product reviews, and regular interaction with PYRA Instagram. We're talking about likes, and comments.  You'll promote PYRA by wearing our gear for all hikes, snow sports, walks, runs and workouts. Your loyalty to the brand will be clear from your presence online and offline. That means you'll post regular updates on social media, tagging @pyra__, and introduce PYRA to your friends and followers.


Apply to become an Ambassador

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