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Our hike club is a community of outdoor enthusiasts who share a passion for exploring the great things nature has to offer us. With a diverse group of members attending and new faces coming every time and numbers growing the club is a welcoming space for all. We organise regular hikes that cater to everyone, nothing too extreme, ensuring that everyone can find a suitable trail to enjoy. 

One of our most recent hikes 2 Saturdays ago was to Lamington National Park - Daves Creek Circuit. With a little bit of a trek ahead of us it was well worth it once we got to take in the scenic views it had to offer at the top. As we navigated the trails we stumbled across a lone koala who was feeding in one of the gum trees above. As always Joe's Deli provided the goods and catered a select few of their delicious sandwiches that everyone had rightfully earned after doing there 18,000 steps for the morning.

We can't wait for the next one as it's such a great way to clear the mind and escape from our extremely busy everyday lives, keep your eyes peeled for info on the next one that will be happening soon.Thanks to everyone who came out!

see photos from our Daves Creek hike below -






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